The Community Support service works in partnership with Cardiff Comunity Housing Association (CCHA) with funding from Welsh Assembly Government Supporting People Revenue Grant, to support tenants accross CCHA housing stock who have tenancy related issues and other support needs that could have a detrimental effect on them maintaining a safe and secure tenancy.


The aim of the service is to encourage people who have enduring mental health problems to develop the social and general living skills which will enable them to live successfully in their community.

The Cardiff Mind skilled and committed staff work with people to support them to identify their goals and draw up a goal-orientated individual support plan which can include, for example:

  • Support can be provided to attend medical appointments and accessing medication
  • Budgeting, maximising benefit claims, dealing with correspondence etc
  • Accessing services which may promote development of social skills
  • Accessing training, volunteering or employment opportunities
  • Any tenancy related issues which have an impact on an individual’s housing and support needs
  • Networking and advocacy issues
  • Managing aspects of mental health difficulties
  • Support to contact other services

Application and Referral

Application or identification of need can be through the housing officers from Cardiff Community Housing Association which will then be referred to Cardiff Mind or a CCHA tenant can apply directly to Cardiff Mind and we will liaise with CCHA to confirm that support is appropriate.


Once accepted onto the scheme the tenant will be allocated a support worker. The Support Worker will explain the process of support and in particular, they will explain the tools they will use to document support, assessment of needs and support plans.


We will meet with tenants regularly to discuss issues and to support them to work towards greater independence.

Plans, assessments and outcomes will be reviewed on a regular basis with the tenant.

Withdrawal of Support

The support scheme is not permanent and we will withdraw support over time in a planned way, in co-operation with the tenant, funders, and other agencies and sources of support where appropriate.

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