Becoming a Volunteer

The selection process for volunteers is based on the skills and interests of the volunteer and the current needs of Cardiff Mind. It involves an interview, receipt of satisfactory references and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.


“Our services rely heavily on the significant contributions made not only by our staff but also  our magnificent team of  volunteers without whom we would not be able to run our Counselling service or our peer led activity groups.   On behalf of the Management Committee of Cardiff Mind I would just like to pay tribute to their selfless dedication and recognise that without their support we would not be the organisation that we are and our service users would find their lives far less enriched. Thank you one and all we are grateful for your continuing support “

Jonathan Cole.  Chair

Volunteer Agreement

Cardiff Mind is committed to good practice in volunteering and so we have drafted a Volunteer Agreement which summarises the mutual expectations between Cardiff Mind and our volunteers – including how we can support you and outlining your responsibilities to Cardiff Mind.

Our Principles

  • We will provide appropriate induction, training and support
  • We are committed to valuing diversity in relation to the recruitment, selection and involvement of volunteers
  • Volunteers’ contributions will be valued and they will be treated with respect
  • We will actively seek volunteers’ views on team and organisational issues

Current vacancies

There are no vacancies at the present time.


We work extremely hard to provide the best possible service but occasionally we get things wrong. To make a complaint, Contact Us.

Support Us



          flagjpgMany Thanks to Cardiff Lions RFC V Drag Match who are holding an event this Saturday and raising funds for Cardiff Mind.  The match will be held at Pontcanna Fields this Sunday and kick off is at  2pm with a PA system providing commentary and tunes.   

As a local voluntary organisation, we rely on the support of individuals, public bodies and organisations to fund the vital mental health services we provide in Cardiff.  We especially would like to thank the following people who have recently raised funds for us.

Tesco Stores Ltd, Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff who kindly donated their  ' community wishing  well' funds for the Month of May.

'Shaws' The Drapers who once again donated proceeds collected from the sale of carrier bags at their stores.

Wayne Thomas, friends and colleagues of  The Canteen (Caban @ No 40)

Clifton Street Cardiff who raised over £1000 in memory of:

                               JUDE MORGAN BRIDGES

 also: Cardiff University Badminton Club and Cardiff University A Cappella Society.

and also the 'Coming Home Choir' who raised funds in memory of their member and friend:              HAMISH

 We are extremely grateful to everyone involved for their huge efforts.

If you are able to make a donation to our work, it will be greatly appreciated and will go directly to providing services to support local people.

Any donation, large or small, one-off or regular will be used to support people in mental distress. If you are a UK taxpayer, using Gift Aid can automatically make every £1 you donate worth £1.28.

Please also consider:

  • payroll giving
  • company support
  • leaving a legacy

Get Involved

Cardiff Mind encourages all users of our services to become involved and you can do this in a range of ways:

  • attending meetings or social events: there are a range of different groups available for service users to come along and find out more about what’s happening at Cardiff Mind as well as meeting other users of our services and the opportunity to learn new skills and take part.
  • returning questionnaires or surveys: let us know what you think of our service and how we can improve
  • taking part in a focus group: we also have groups that look at specific areas of our services to you so that we can ensure our service continues to meet your needs.

Very often the people who actually use our services can make brilliant suggestions on how they can be made better – so we introduced a You said we did approach where good ideas can be celebrated and also the impact acknowledged – PLEASE KEEP THE GOOD IDEAS COMING!


Your free Counselling Service has a long waiting list but I am able to pay. I know counselling is not regulated so I can I be sure the person I choose is competent?

We set up our own fee paying service which we can quality assure

We understand why you reduced the length of your coping with life courses but we feel it's not as good

We reverted to the previous format

 I have found that the Health ACT course is very helpful why doesn't Cardiff Mind offer something similar

We worked in Partnership with Primary Care to have our staff accredited to provide ACT courses

 My course is slow and boring because some of the people on it need interpreters

We suggested to the service commissioner that it might be more advantageous to be sensitive to the needs of both groups so that each could proceed at a comfortable pace. We also worked with interpreters in advance to iron out some terms that were not readily translated from English to assist in getting the right concepts across

You want to contact me by phone and I am not confident on the phone

We offer contact by text and/or email

  • become a member: everyone is invited to become a member at Cardiff Mind for more details click the About us/Mind Members tab
  • become a volunteer: Volunteering is an excellent way of obtaining skills that can lead to employment, not just with Cardiff Mind but with other employers. To learn more about volunteering with us click the volunteering tab
  • attend the Annual General Meeting: usually held in November, The Annual General Meeting is open to all people and organisations that we work with.

If you would like to get involved but there is something stopping you please get in touch and we may be able to help you participate.

My culture does not accept me being alone with a male who is not related and yet you have male staff

We offer assessments by female staff if it is an issue

There are just too many people in your art group it's crowed and we all have to do the same thing

We made a second room available which is connected to the main room with sliding doors so people can choose their level of interaction

 With austerity and government cutbacks there is very little support for carers anymore

We developed a short-breaks scheme and secured funding to operate it from a charitable source

 I really need help to access leisure and community opportunities that the Council can no longer provide in a Care package due to financial constraints

We developed a self funded service to meet the gap and support people in Residential Care and in Partnership with the Friendly Trust

Want to help us do more?

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