Cardiff Mind recognises that everyone’s mental health matters and we are keen to expand our services across the area. We work with private companies, statutory and voluntary organisations to provide high quality, informative and supportive training for staff, volunteers and clients.

Understanding the pressures that staff can face in this economic climate is important. Recognising the signs of mental illness quickly and effectively is the first step to becoming a supportive employer, and Cardiff Mind have a range of corporate services to help you with this.



Cardiff Mind has a number of courses that can be tailored to meed the needs of your organisation, whether it’s for your managers; staff; volunteers or service users. Understanding and promoting good mental health is essential to providing a safe, happy and supportive environment, and Cardiff Mind will be able to support you in this.

Our awareness courses are designed to inform and educate on a range of mental health topics. Some of these are particularly aimed at frontline workers, who support vulnerable individuals with mental health issues. Other courses available are aimed at Managers to be able to identify Mental Health issues within their staff team.Please click on the Day Services tab for more information on these courses.

Working With People Who Self-Harm

  • What is self harm?
  • Why do people self harm?
  • Eating disorders – self-harm or soemthing else
  • Working effectively with self harm
  • The relationship between self harm and suicide

Working With People Who Are At Risk of Attempting Suicide

  • Public and professional attitudes to suicide including the legal position
  • The incidence of suicide – age, gender and the reliability of statistics
  • Why people become suicidal and how to recognise the signs
  • Suicide prevention strategies
  • The relationship between suicide and self harm

Staff Counselling Service

The current economic climate is a stressful time; both for employers and employees. Cardiff Mind recognises that all individuals need someone to talk their problems through with, whether this is a family member or friend, but sometimes issues and problems are too much for our confidants. Cardiff Mind has specially trained counsellors who are able to provide a confidential counselling service at very reasonable rates.

To discuss any of these services, including pricing and availability, please contact Rose Leigh on 02920 402040 or email

Mental Health Awareness

  • Definition and legal issues
  • Facts and figues, including gender differences
  • Attitudes and stigma
  • Major diagnoses
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Causes and treatments
  • Statutory and voluntary sector services
  • Healthy living with mental illness

The full day course covers diagnoses and treatment in much more detail and is more participative. It also contains a section that can be customised to focus on the interests and needs of your agency.

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