We are committed to achieving equal opportunities in employment and the services we provide. 

No user of our services, employee, volunteer or job applicant should receive less favourable treatment because of sex, colour, ethnic origin, age, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other criterion not relevant to the point at issue.

Reasons to work for us

We support our employees to undertake training and personal development.

Working within the charity sector is rewarding in itself as we make a real difference to the quality of the lives of people.

You can be proud to work in the charitable sector, no longer is it perceived to be ˜caring but amateur’. We are professional and work to high national quality standards.

We are equal opportunity employers and really ˜put our money where our mouth is’ when it comes to fighting stigma and prejudice and employing people who have had experience of mental ill health.

We have opportunities for people all levels, backgrounds and experiences.

We are an equal opportunities employer.

Current Vacancies

Other opportunities

Volunteering is an excellent way of obtaining skills that can lead to employment, not just with Cardiff Mind but with other employers.  We are always interested in talking to people who wish to explore volunteering opportunities, particularly those from an under-represented group.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss maters further.

We also welcome Volunteers as Trustees to assist with the Management of the Charity as a whole (not service provision). We are very keen to reflect the diversity of our city and particularly welcome volunteers from under-represented communities.

For details on how to become a volunteer with us and what we are currently looking for please click on the volunteering section of our website.
There are opportunities to Volunteer as a Trustee

Find out more about working with us.