Cardiff Mind is a mental health charity originally constituted in June 1963, however in March 1993 the company was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and in May of that year was again registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission.

We currently employ a team of 30 staff and have the support of around 40 volunteers. We are an independent charity affiliated to Mind (National Association for Mental Health) and are part of a network of 200 Local Mind Associations across England and Wales.

We have a track record in developing and delivering quality services to people experiencing mental distress, and we want to ensure that those who need the support of mental health services are provided with sufficient opportunity to engage with appropriate and diverse services, and also tackle accompanying factors that contribute to social exclusion.

Our Areas of Work

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We have identified that we wish to be involved in three main areas of work:

  • Providing consumer focused, quality, evidenced based services that are value for money and are in accordance with our values and principles.
  • Campaigning on behalf of individuals and our client group as a whole.
  • Influencing the External Environment to ensure that people who have experienced or are experiencing difficulties with their mental health have quality support at a local level.

We believe that these areas of work are inextricably linked and that our ability to campaign and influence effectively will be largely dependent on the widespread acceptance and recognition that we are a high quality Service Provider with a strong and forward-looking value base.

Latest News

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Equality and Diversity

We value and appreciate diversity and the contributions that can be made by all parts of the community. This includes both the workforce and the community in which we work and for whom we provide services.

We will continuously strive to create and maintain an ethos of social inclusion by enabling equal participation and access to opportunities and services.

In doing so, we will aim to have a workforce and services which value peoples’ rights to be treated with dignity and respect and to be free from discrimination and harassment.

Cardiff is a vibrant city with a rich and diverse range of services and organisations that sometimes cater for specific sectors of ethnicity, religion or orientation etc. Cardiff Mind whilst working in collaboration with a range of partners believes that issues of mental health cut across all levels and ranges of society and provides a warm welcome to individuals whoever they are and however they identify themselves. Recent data indicates that around 25% of people accessing our services come from a BAME background and 10% of our clients identify as being part of the LGBT+ community.

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