Aims and Objectives

We have identified five strategic aims which, if achieved, will ensure the survival of the organisation and more importantly make a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of our consumers both individually and collectively.

Within each strategic aim we have established a number of objectives that provide a clearer focus of how we intend to deliver and measure the achievement of that aim.

Aim One

To provide services that place the consumer at their centre and that enables the consumer to discover and realise their full potential as actively participating citizens.

The Objectives:

  • Introduce and implement a case-work approach for consumers.
  • Discuss and plan with consumers ways in which they can improve their mental health and wellbeing by accessing support and advice from Cardiff Mind and other agencies to overcome obstacles that prevent them from achieving their potential.
  • Develop a methodology to evidence and celebrate the improvements that people make in their own lives.

Aim Two

To develop new services that enable consumers to remain within or return to their local community of choice.

The Objectives:

  • Actively seek to work with customers to develop new service models for accommodation and support.
  • Extend beyond current 18-65 client group by responding to requirements for age appropriate services.
  • Extend outreach/satellite operations into other geographical areas of Cardiff and South Wales.

Aim Three

Aim Four

To provide high quality services that evidence positive outcomes and value for money.

The Objectives:

  • Seek and attain externally recognised quality standards and hallmarks and embed those processes within the activities of the organisation.
  • Introduce outcome-related performance monitoring systems that capture the progress made by individual consumers
  • Develop a workforce that is qualifies and competent to take advantage of the potential for service development.
  • Maintain the principles of Best Value in all of our activities.

To work in partnership with consumers, customers and service providers to ensure that the National Service Framework is made a reality for people experiencing difficulties with their mental health.

The Objectives:

  • Participate in a joined up solution for people experiencing difficulties with their mental health in Cardiff.
  • Work collaboratively with voluntary sector partners particularly within the Mind movement to develop equality of access to opportunities for consumers throughout Wales.
  • Ensure that all services provided and activities that take place within Cardiff Mind relate to and resonate with the National Service Framework.

Aim Five


To increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues and to challenge stigma and discrimination.

The Objectives:

  • Take advantage of the opportunities that come about for mental health and well-being promotion – particularly in the workplace and educational establishments.
  • Provide training, advice and support to mainstream organisations to ensure that people with mental health issues are able to access work, leisure, educational and recreational opportunities.
  • Actively participate in opportunities to campaign and influence at a local and national level.

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